La Manga Club Spa – Relax and De-Stress!

La Manga Club Spa

La Manga Club Spa

La Manga Club Spa is place to relax, chillout, unwind!

With than 50 different spa treatments, La Manga Club Spa in spain offers a selection of complementary therapies such as Reiki, Reflexology and Sports massage.

At La Manga Club Spa, the newest service on offer is Reiki. Reiki Master Ines Corominas explains that prolonged stress can affect us both physically and mentally and weaken our immune system. La Manga Club Spa has addressed this issue with Reiki.

Reiki At La Manga Club Spa

Reiki works on the body’s energy flow, immediately helping reduce stress and providing a profound sense of relaxation and wellbeing. Over time, a course of Reiki sessions at the La Manga Club Spa can also help boost the immune system, thereby assisting recovery from chronic conditions, relieving pain and stress.

For more details or to book a Reiki session contact Spa Reception.

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Accessing La Manga Club Golf and La Manga Club Restaurant & Spa facilities need not be expensive.

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