| Stunning La Manga Aerial Photos

La Manga Aerial Photos

05/09/11 – We just came across some La Manga Aerial photos that were photographed above La Manga strip by Ray Kyte using a Radio Controlled plane. The plane went around the Veneziola area of La Manga. I find the simpleness of the La Manga strip as it cuts through the sea really rather breath-taking. Sit back and enjoy 5 minutes of bliss and some amazing photos of La Manga Strip

Where Were La Manga Aerial Photos Taken From?

The area of La Manga del Mar Menor lies right at the most southern part of the Costa Blanca. Depending on which map you look at, La Manga is situated on the Costa Calida to be precise. The La Manga Del Mar Menor is a strip of land that cuts between 2 seas and the La Manga Aerial photos were taken from near the end of the La Manga Strip The Mar Menor area is one of the favourite summer vacation spots for locals living in Murcia. To most foreigners and especially golfers, it should be known for its three championship La Manga golf courses. This is why the term La Manga is often used synonymously for great golfing in fantastic locations. To appreciate La Manga Strip, you really need to have a pleasure flight above it…or a radio controlled place with a camera on it!

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